"Mandelbrot 4.0"


"Mandelbrot 4.0" it is the program for creation of the image of a fractal "Mandelbrot set" and "Julia set".

Extends freely on conditions GNU General Public License.

The program does not require installation and uninstallation, supports languages Russian and English (author shall be very grateful if you will send files of other languages).

Program has library of palettes and the editor of palettes.

Fractals saving in format Fractal (XML), there is an opportunity to save the image in formats: BMP, JPEG and PNG.

It is possible to rotate the image fractal arbitrary angle.

The calculation of the fractal is in some streams (depending on the number of processor cores), which significantly reduces the computation time for multi-core computers.

It is possible to use "long floating-point numbers" with insufficient length of floating-point math coprocessor.

Download "Mandelbrot 4.0" (868 866 B)

Changes in version 4.0

  • added ability to smooothing image;
  • corrected several bugs;

Changes in version 3.0

  • added ability to rotate an image at an arbitrary angle;
  • added the ability to calculate the fractal in several streams, which reduces the computation time for multi-core computers;
  • added the ability to calculate the fractal using the "long floating-point numbers, where there is no sufficient length floating-point math coprocessor;
  • Ability to save images in PNG format.

Changes in version 2.0

  • added opportunity to calculate set "Mandelbrot", formula Zn+1=Zna+C, with any complex exponent a;
  • added ability to calculate set "Julia";
  • added ability to create a palette of any size;
  • added ability to change the size of a palette "hurriedly";
  • added ability to keep a fractal together with the image, it is useful for long calculated fractals;
  • removed, as useless, an ability of preservation of images in format GIF.

Changes in version 2.0.1

  • Corrected bugs in the editor of palettes;
  • Corrected bugs in the rotate palette.


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